The clue is in the name – Donsje products are not just super cute, they are super comfortable – and safe too. With the healthy development of tiny feet in mind, Donsje designs ensure that baby and toddler feet are well-protected and have the space to move freely, allowing them to develop naturally and safely in preparation for those long-awaited first steps. In the smallest sizes, the leather soles have been roughened and are non-slip and from 12 months up all of Donsje’s shoes have a flexible rubber sole. Fastenings allow the shoes to be slipped on and off easily and keep them secure, even on the wriggliest of feet. Look no further for the perfect mum-to-be or just anytime-because-they-are-so-irresistible present. Owning one pair simply won’t be enough and each pair will become a precious keepsake to treasure forever. It wouldn’t be fair if Donsje were just for the little ones, so older children can now enjoy Donsje through their feather and wheel-imprinted drawstring duffel and cross body panda and mouse bags. They will be the envy of the playground. All products are fair trade and handmade from real durable leather.


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